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Advantage of Digital Flash Page Turning Book

Posted Sept 10th, 2012 


Unlike the general computer and network reading technology, as revolutionary innovations in the field of digital reading, page turning book aimed at letting readers freed from the complex technical movements and to return to the traditional reading pleasure. At the same time through the integration of rich multimedia technologies and content like web, hyperlinks, music, video, animation, virtual reality technology to meet people’s reading process audiovisual enjoyment, human-computer interaction and spiritual and cultural needs, so that the progress of science and technology to serve human life.


Page turning book that is digital page flip book, also referred to as comic books. It allows you to get a reading experience of ordinary books, when you are reading a Flash page turn book, you can turn its pages like handling a real book.


Page turning book's advantage: reality, nature, smooth and humanity perfectly integrate the cognitive psychology unconsciously from traditional reading with advanced computer technology, the use of advanced computer and network technologies enhances the traditional reading experience and the effect of feedback which help digital content producers to enhance the e-book value content, that is why page turning book quickly won readers’ favor.


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