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General Questions

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1. "Class Not Registered Error" while using Page-Turning-Maker Software?

2. How can I make books play on iPad?

3. Can I use Mac version program to create books to send to PC users?

4. What is the difference between "trial version" and "registered version"?

5. Does it need to pay something extra after buying Page Turning software?

6. How to secure your produced page turning book?

7. How to import new theme and export customized settings as theme?

8. How to save current settings for re-use?

9. How to load the produced page turning book to website?

10. Why there is nothing changed after I modify the page turning book settings?

11. Where can I obtain more free templates for page turning book design?

12. How can I print my page turning book?

13. Why the background tiles when full screen to view page turning book?

14. Do I need any additional software to view my page turning book?

15. How to download generated page turning book online?

16. Why does the toolbar disappear when view in full screen mode?

17. Can I make a hard cover for page turning book?

18. Can I make make page turning book auto flip when start up?

19. How to embed page turning book into webpage?

20. How long does it take to convert a single page turning digital edition?

21. Can I custom the width and height of page turning book?

22. How can I custom title for page turning publication?

23. What can I do when have problems downloading software from this site?

24. How can I replace the Help information in page turning book with custom one?

25. Can I add print watermark to page turning book?

26. How to forbid retaining book to the center?

27. How to import links in original file to page turning book?

28. How to make thumbnail initially show when open a book?

29. How to set the book logo link to your website?

30. How to make page turning book into executable file(*.exe)?

31. How to make your page turning book available for Mac OS?

32. How to set your images in book to zoom in when clicked?

33. How to social share created page turning book with others?

34. How to change the icon color of page turning book?

35. How to share my flipbook online?

36. How does search function in page turning book work?

37. Can I use mouse wheel to turn page when viewing page turning book?


Flip Book Maker for Mac

1. How to make Flash flip book for mobile devices on Mac

2. What format flip book can be built with Page Turning PDF to flip book Mac

3. How to import certain pages in PDF for converting to Flash page flip book


PDF to Flash Page Turning

1. How to purchase Page Turning Pro for PDF?

2. What is required to run Page Turning for PDF?

3. What is the difference between Page Turning for PDF and Page Turning Pro for PDF?

4. Can I customize a page range for converting to page turning book with Page Turning for PDF?

5. Can I change the e-magazine logo with Page turning Pro for PDF?

6. How to add a link into page turning book with Page Turning Pro for PDF?

7. How to slow down the auto flip speed for Page Turning for PDF?

8. Can I convert multiple PDF documents to page turning book at the same time?

9. Can Page Turning for PDF burn produced page turning book to CD?

10. Can Page Turning for PDF save the project that I am building?

11. What is different between Page Turning for PDF and Page Turning Pro for PDF?

12. How to merge multiple PDF files into one with Page Turning Pro for PDF?

13. How to delete flip pages with Page Turning Pro for PDF?

14. How to apply online template with Page Turning Pro for PDF?

15. How to batch convert various PDF files to page turning book?

16. How to set the meta information for online flip book?

17. How to zip Flash flip books for easy emailing?

18. How to Re-edit Created Page Turning Book?


Office to Flash Page Turning

1. Why does Page Turning for Office need GhostScript?

2. What document formats does Page Turning for Office support?

3. How to save current work as project?

4. How to batch convert numerous PDF with Page Turning Pro for Office?

5. How to set password to secure produced page turning book?

6. How to highlight links in flip book with color when mouse moves over?

7. Can Page Turning Pro for Office convert images to Flash page flip book?


Other Flash Page Turning software

1. Turn PowerPoint into flipping book for Android device with 'Page Turning for PowerPoint'.

2. Can Page Turning for Image only convert images to page turning book?

3. Does Page Turning for Scan support transform images before conversion?

4. Does Page Turning for Shopping support add button to page?

5. How to insert table with Page Turning Writer?