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How long does it take to convert a single page turning digital edition?

Q: I have used other companies' page turning book converters before, but all of them are inefficient for taking me so much time to convert a single page turning book. I wonder how much time does Page Turning Maker software cost to convert a single page turning digital edition.


A: Page Turning Maker software is charactered by its high efficiency, which is at the leading position in page turning publishing market. Actually after you import document for converting, it takes you only a few seconds to generate page turning book or magazine with even hundreds of pages, because the document has been preprocessed when importing, the time consumption of conversion mostly depends on the time consumption of importing.


For the time consumption of importing, it depends on the source of file: its number of pages, data volume, resolution, number of illustrations and composition complexity. Let me cite Page Turning for PDF as example:


  • PDF containing 50 pages with resolution of 150 DPI and 30 images will be imported within 1 minutes.

  • PDF containing 250 pages with resolution of 300 DPI and 200 images will be imported in about 3 minutes.



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