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For Mac OS 10.5 or above

(Not for PowerPC)

Page Turning for Image Mac

Convert images to digital photo book on Mac!

Page Turning for Image Mac Converter, Digital photo book Maker, is funny and easy Mac software to create animated digital photo book on Mac OS X system.
  • Various Output types to select: HTML and App, Mobile version
  • Reading Digital photo book on Mobile devices
  • Support kinds of image formats like jpg, gif, tif, png, etc
  • Define special effect on digital photo book
  • Free trial to download and use
  • Comprehensive After-sales service
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    (For Windows 7, Vista, XP here)




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    Flash Player 10.0+

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    Page Turning for Image Mac Converter, Digital photo book Maker, is funny and easy Mac software to create animated digital photo book on Mac OS X system. It is easy-to-handle software that makes you output your image with high speed and great quality. Before converting, you can host-design your images with built-in frame and clip art. Making Digital photo book with the real page turning effect! Once purchase, free for all your life time.


    Here are many reasons to choose Page Turning for Image Mac so that you can create amazing digital photo book to show on your website. All analysis as follows:

    Wonderful Image Mac converter

    Wonderful Image Mac converter

    After adding image before converting to Flash album, you can simply decorate your images and optimize them with many image edit tools, like crop, cut, rotate, black/white and so on. Besides, PageFlip Image to Flash provides most popular built-in frames and clip art for you to use, insert the decorations what adapt to your images. Yet, if you have other things to do, the program allows you convenient to import the current setting and export the save file next time to use.


    Various Output types to select

    Various Output types to select

  • HTML format – after customize-designed flip book presentation, you can output HTML format and upload to your website to be view online (with title, description, keywords).
  • App format – this type support to browse on Mac. So, if you don’t have a PC, you should select App format to output your digital photo book.
  • Mobile version – which is able to view flip book on iPad, iPhone, Android mobile device leisurely.

  • Reading on various Mobile devices


    Reading on various Mobile devicese

    Except for support to use on Mac, you can also enable to read on different mobile devices. Just output digital photo book with Make Mobile version, then you can relax to browse the stylish amazing Flash book on iPad, iPhone, Android mobile device. It is convenience function for you to use, whether you are on business trip or vacation without Mac.


    Define special effect on digital photo bookDefine special effect on digital photo book

    In order to meet the need of different people habit, Page Turning for Image Mac, provides special effect for your use.

    • Hard cover – define hard cover effect to make your fashion book into a new level. Better improve end-user experience!
    • Right to left – set right to left reading order, then you can read digital photo book from the last page to the first page.


    Support various image formats

    Support various image formats

    Page Turning for Image Mac lets you easily convert any types of image to flash flipping book. It supports various image formats like jpg, tif (Tagged Image File Format), gif (Graphics Interchange Format), bmp (Windows Bitmap), pcx (Softimage PIC), ico, png, wmf, jp2, j2k, psd (Adobe PhotoShop), wmv and so on. After adding images on design interface, you can decorate valuable images by use of built-in frames and clip art, or adjust page setting as your need.


    Manual and Automatic Display modesManual and Automatic Display modes

    Here are the display modes on tool bar setting panel: Full screen, Auto play.

  • Full screen mode – enables your readers view in a full screen reading mode. Press "Enable Full Screen" icon to show and "ESC" to exit.
  • Auto play mode – Image Mac users should set "Flip Interval" or "Play Count" before converting, so your readers can view in Auto play mode. Furthermore, the page turning software support to play Auto play when start up.


  • Free Trial to download and use

Free Trial to download and use

  allows you to download Page Turning for Image Mac trial version and use it for unlimited time. The trial version is a window’s desktop software and contains all functions of the charge version. The limitations and restrictions is: when you convert image into Flash flip book with trial version, digital photo book will be output with watermark smoothly. If you have any questions during your evaluation period and have not found the answer on FAQ, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail.


    Comprehensive After-sales service

    Comprehensive After-sales service

  • Answer to question – if you have any technical question or concerns about Page Turning for Image Mac, please do not hesitate to contact our support team (by E-mail at
  • Free update forever - for using the previous version, you can download the latest version from our website freely.
  • 30 Day money back service - if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the software or it isn’t meet your expectations, you can notify us within 30 days and we will process you’re the refund.

    Product features:

    Setting Image file before publish

    • Add images, support various formats like jpg, gif, png, etc;
    • Various built-in Frames and Clip art to decorate your valuable images;
    • Setting page quality and size as you need;
    • Adjust page Orientation, Margin, layout Position of images;
    • Image Rotation, Image Effect, Image Output options, all let you easy to select;
    • Zoom in/out, Crop images easily;
    • Change image’s contrast, brightness as you like;
    • Select or delete bookmark, quickly name book title and move up/down title.

    Customize Digital photo book appearance

    • Three Flash flip book templates for you to choose: Classical, Float, Spread;
    • Get more free themes online, just link to our website;
    • Support to select button font and color;
    • Support to select window’s font and color;
    • Support to select bookmark’s font and color;
    • Setting background color between Gradient Color A and Gradient Color B, different Gradient Angle show different effect;
    • Book Proportions, adjust page width and height on your flash flip book;
    • Book Margins, allows to set the parameters of Top, Bottom, Left, Right Margin;
    • Page Shadow, adjust left and right page shadow of your page turning book;
    • Right to left, allow your readers read flip book from the last page to first page;
    • Hard Cover, turn the page like read a book.

    Various output formats

    • HTML option, output HTML flipbook which can be viewed on PC online;
    • App option, support to use on Mac OS X system;
    • Make Mobile Version, create mobile version flash flip book used for mobile phone (iPad, iPhone, Android) readers.

    Digital photo book features:

    Once your digital photo book finished, your viewer can be able to:
    • Share with others via E-mail;
    • Browse page turning book’s title and logo (only in Float template);
    • Look for the current page number;
    • Play or stop auto flip on your flip book;
    • Turn on/off sound from flash flip book;
    • Help icon, better tell readers how to use it by pop up message window;
    • Enable readers to read in full screen mode;
    • Zoom in/out both pages in flash flip book;
    • Home button, allow readers link to your website after input page URL;
    • Allow readers to print and download page turning book;
    • Thumbnails navigation, helps to preview all pages and go to specific pages;
    • Various page arrow provided: First, Previous page, Next page, Last page. Click on and go to the pages you want;
    • Use mouse wheel, keyboard to get into the page directly.