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What does Page Turning Maker do for you?

Usually you may save your data as image, Office and PDF formats, and get information via traditional document formats. Have you ever wanted to change these ways to experience in a more vivid pattern? What Page Turning Maker exactly does is to bring you more advanced reading experience and help you display you reports, work and so on in a dramatical and cool way.

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"Batch Mode" of Page Turning Maker.

As a matter of experience, to deal with a lots of documents is a chore. Sometimes you may need to handle the files one by one, and repeat the same operation. This situation will really wastes your time and lowers business efficiency.

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Scan your photos or paper to create flipbook

In ordinary life, we may need to deal with lots of paper files(e.g. photos, articles, books, report forms and so on), and sometimes for convenience we have to scan those files into digital format. Usually we save those digital files as image format, but today I would like to introduce a utility program which can not only help to scan your paper, but also turn the scanned paper into digital page turning book.

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To make your report remarkable with Page Turning for Office

In order to let more people experience the powerful functions and impressive features of the software of Page Turning Maker, Page Turning Maker has provide three types of freeware to public. They are Free Page Turning Book Maker, Free Page Turning for PDF and Page Turning Free PDF to Word. And everyone can download and use them for free. More information please refer to here.

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Freeware of Page Turning Maker

As a business man, lawyer or office worker, in daily life to give a report has been an ordinary fare. Usually you display your report in MS Office form like Word document, Excel and PowerPoint document. And that is actually formalist and wonderless. If you want to make your report more remarkable so to make your boss appreciate your work, a more dramatical way to display is required.

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Add video to enrich page content

Page Turning Maker divide products into common version and professional version. Professional version including Page Turning Pro for PDF, Page Turning Pro for PDF Mac, Page Turning Pro for Office. They all provide a visual page editor, enable user to add page contents like link, image, video, sound button, etc. So user can enrich the page content freely to better display the 3D page turning book.

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Beautiful themes for Page Turning Maker

On different purposes, you may need to design your page turning book in different style to meet every requirement. Therefore Page Turning Maker provides user two ways to design E-book. The first one is to design totally by yourself, the another one is applying established templates. For the second one, Page Turning Maker has included multiple practical templates in its software. Also it keeps offering new page turning book themes for user to free download.

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Share YouTube video with friends through Page Turning Pro for PDF

Page Turning Pro for PDF is a professional version to convert PDF file to stunning page turning book. It provides a visual page editor enable user to embed widgets like link,video, image and so on into page so as to enrich page content. With the page editor, we can easily embed YouTube video into page so that you can share the video along with your e-book.

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Tips for making your page turning book different

Although Page turning maker software has provided many beautiful templates for you to easily create page turning book in multiple styles, sometimes maybe those templates can not totally satisfy you, and you want to design page flip book by yourself.

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Good news! Page Turning Maker releases new freeware

The program released this time is Page Turning Free PDF to HTML which is designed for making flip book in a few minutes. Free PDF to HTML Interactive Software also allows you to batch convert PDF files to HTML files in seconds. With the standalone and easy to use interface, you just need to add your PDF files or folders what you want, and converting.

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