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Make Your Own Champions Photo Album for 2012 Olympics Game

During the previous games, there have born many champions in different events, they will be recorded in the Olympics history. And for you, you can remember them in a more innovative pattern - make your own page turning photo album for theme. Both Page Turning for Album and Page Turning for Image are developed to design page turning album. What is different is that Page Turning for Album provide more functionalities of decorating photos.

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Tips for Enriching Your Website with Search Engine Friendly Flash E-publications

Are you planning to bring your web content to life? For this purpose, you might need some materials like images, video and flash etc to enrich website content, but concern about that the flash components are not friendly to search engine. Now Page Turning Maker software will provide you a best solution.Page Turning Maker enables your 3D flash contents can be easily in indexed by search engines as new scoops.

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New Image to Page Turning Book Software Released - Page Turning for Image Mac

It is exactly good news to Mac OS user that Page Turning Maker company has release a new image to Flash page turning conversion software on Mac version named Page Turning for Image Mac. With this new released utility program, Mac OS user can also create fantastic page turning e-publication with Flash page flip effect from image files like Windows OS user. And the produced book can be in offline or online type.

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Good Advice on Making PowerPoint Show Distinctive

Traditionally PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides". The "slide" analogy is a reference to the slide projector. Slides may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. But have you ever image that your PowerPoint can be presented as if a printed book with marvelous Flash page flip effect and sound. Beyond doubt it would make your PowerPoint more vivid and distinctive to display PPT in page turning way.

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New Free PowerPoint to Flash Slide Converter Comes into the World

Good news again! Several days ago, a new wonderful PowerPoint to Flash video converter named Free PageTurningMaker PPT to Flash was released by Page Turning Maker - a innovative IT company focuses on developing stunning page turning e-publication maker software. Do not hesitate to share this good news with your friends. Let’s see what is the new spotlight and what this powerful utility program can do for you.

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24 Applications Help You to Create Page Turning E-Publication from Various Types of Documents

Generally those page turning book makers can only convert PDF and Office documents to page turning e-book, e-magazine. Do you know now even images, DjVu, ePub, chm and so on can be turned into stunning page turning book too? Page Turning Maker provides 24 kinds of utility programs for users to convert multiple types of documents, covering almost all the popular document formats in the market.

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Advantage of Digital Flash Page Turning Book

Unlike the general computer and network reading technology, as revolutionary innovations in the field of digital reading, page turning book aimed at letting readers freed from the complex technical movements and to return to the traditional reading pleasure. At the same time through the integration of rich multimedia technologies and content like web, hyperlinks, music, video, animation, virtual reality technology to meet people’s reading process audiovisual enjoyment...

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Page Turning Maker Announces Major Software Upgrade for Parts of Flip Book Maker

September 13, 2012 tomorrow Page Turning Maker announced a major software upgrade for Page Turning for PDF and Page Turning Pro for PDF, making them into even more—one of the world’s best PDF to page turning book production software. Page Turning software users already have the much advanced PDF to Flash flipbook converter, and now Page Turning Maker is adding more great features.

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Create Flash Page Turning E-publication Readable on iPhone 5

Perhaps for Page Turning Maker software users, the issues most concerned about are that whether Page Turning Maker software can produce Flash page flip magazine readable on iPhone 5 or not, and how to create Flash page turning e-publication viewable on iPhone 5 to reach your clients. Page Turning Maker series Flash magazine creators provide simple ways to make wonderful page flip books which are viewable on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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Skills to Create User-friendly Flash Page Flip Publication

Have you ever try yo read the content but waited a long time in loading? Are you reading a digital book, Flash magazine and so on with disgusting look and featureless functions? If you receive such a defective digital publication from your business partners, friends, etc, you will be disappointed about this. It is said that the user experience is not only shocking innovation, but also many undervalued details...

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