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New Image to Page Turning Book Software Released - Page Turning for Image Mac

Posted Aug 20th, 2012 


Page Turning for Image is proprietary image to page turning e-publication converter design by solution. It is especially developed based on Microsoft Windows Operation System for users to convert all types of image documents to digital page turning publication, like e-book, e-magazine and e-brochure. And its powerful functionalities and convenient features make it become one of the most popular image to page turning book conversion utility program in the market.


It is exactly good news to Mac OS user that Page Turning Maker company has release a new image to Flash page turning conversion software on Mac version named Page Turning for Image Mac. With this new released utility program, Mac OS user can also create fantastic page turning e-publication with Flash page flip effect from image files like Windows OS user. And the produced book can be in offline or online type. For online type, produced book can be load to website or embedded into another webpage for enriching website content.


Main features of new releases Page Turning for Image Mac are as below:

  • Fabulous 3D Flash page flip effect to display page turning e-publication.

  • Support many kinds of image formats like jpg, gif, png, tiff, etc.

  • Various built-in Frames and Clip art to decorate valuable images.

  • A rich set of custom options to modify image properties (e.g. image quality, rotation, effect, orientation).

  • Multiple built-in pretty templates selectable for page turning book design.

  • Custom page turning book appearance and button functions with rich custom settings.

  • Flexible output types selectable, generate book in online or offline type, even make book for mobile devices like Iphone and Ipad.

  • One-click to social share created page turning book with other people.

  • Download, Print and more practical functionalities are available.




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