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Create Flash Page Turning E-publication Readable on iPhone 5

Posted Nov 15th, 2012 


Last month, on September in technology sector a lot of big events happened, the biggest event, however, was still that Apple released new generation of iPhone – iPhone 5. Lighter and slimmer along with a faster chip and larger screen, the new Apple smartphone iPhone 5 come into world with more brand-new features.


Before it was released, iPhone 5 had become a hot topic in both people’s daily life and online communication. And its release still attracted a lot of attention, some were amazed at its new functions, and some were not optimistic about its success. However, you have to admit that iPhone 5 is really cool and wonderful.


Perhaps for Page Turning Maker software users, the issues most concerned about are that whether Page Turning Maker software can produce Flash page flip magazine readable on iPhone 5 or not, and how to create Flash page turning e-publication viewable on iPhone 5 to reach your clients with Page Turning software. In fact, these issues do not need to worry about, because Page Turning Maker series Flash magazine creators provide simple ways to make wonderful page flip books which are viewable on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Flash page turning book on iPhone 5


How to make digital page turn publication viewable on iPhone 5

1. Make Mobile version of flip book for iPhone

Firstly you should import file, then edit and customize Flash page turning book appearance and features based on your need. Finally choose output type as HTML format when defining output option, and do tick “Also Make Mobile Version” in output type section (the output file can be read directly on iPhone 5).


2. Upload Flash page turning book to web

As we know, iPhone users can view any web content via the web browser on iPhone, therefore you can also upload created page turning magazine to website or embedded it into webpage for viewing on iPhone. After you finish designing Flash magazine, you choose to output magazine in HTML format, then upload all produced files to website. Then you can enter the correct network address into the web browser in iPhone to enjoy the fantastic page turning animation effect.


3. Upload to Page Turning Maker server

The newest version of Page Turning Maker software allows users to upload their generated page turning book to free server provided by Page Turning Maker so that the books can be viewed via Internet on iPhone 5. Software also provides online flip book management functions for user to manage their online book conveniently.