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Skills to Create User-friendly Flash Page Flip Publication

Posted Nov 22th, 2012 


Have you ever try yo read the content but waited a long time in loading? Are you reading a digital book, Flash magazine and so on with disgusting look and featureless functions? If you receive such a defective digital publication from your business partners, friends, etc, you will be disappointed about this. It is said that the user experience is not only shocking innovation, but also many undervalued details. When create digital publishing publications like ebook, magazine, shopping catalog for online presentation or marketing, it is important to make the publication user-friendly.


Besides the content of book, a good reading experience of Flash page flip book may comes from the following aspects:  a swift loading, fluent reading, an attractive look and rich set of features. For those who make their Flash page turning publication with Page Turning Maker software, here are some very helpful tips to make your digital Flash magazine more user-friendly.


1 Speed up the loading

Loading is the very first step to show the page turning book readers the book and leave a first impression in readers’ mind. In modern life, the faster is the better, and people generally pay no patience to wait for something. Therefore a quick loading speed is necessary for a flip book. With Page Turning Maker software, you are enabled to speed up the book loading by adjusting page quality, decreasing needless functional buttons and modifying multimedia elements.


2 Apply free beautiful theme

To present the readers a wonderful appearance of flip book, Page Turning Maker software allows users to design the template, layout, background, bar color and font color of a book with their own materials. Page Turning Maker also provides very rich free themes and templates for users to download and apply to quick build elegant page turning publication for free. With the free themes provided, you are taking the easiest way to design pretty flip book, and able to complete your work of creating flash book page turn like paper book in several simple steps.


3 Add functional button to Flash page turn book

Page Turning Maker software provides a very rich set of designing settings, allows users to create page flip book with rich features. For example, you can enable the search function of book, add download button and print button to flip book, add sound and customize actions.