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People would never forget how printed books worked

Actually people would never forget how printed book worked, bacause many new techonogies have been developed to imitate the printed book in digital methods. For example, Page Turning Maker software enables to create e-book, e-magazine which can imitate the page turning effect and sound of printed book with 3D page turning animation.

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Four kinds of templates for Page Turning Maker software

As we know Page Turning Maker software is exactly awesome to help convert various digital documents into stunning page turning books with 3D page flip effect and sound so that those books can be viewed in a cool way. To create attractive and excellent e-book, e-magazine, software offers four kinds of templates selectable to be applied to page turning book design. With these templates, you can easily generate different styles of book to display your works. 

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Keep the summer memory by using Page Turning for Album

Page Turning for Album, which is what I want to introduce today, is quite an amazing program to create attractive and fabulous digital image album with your photos. The produced digital album imitates page turning effect and sound as printed book, which display your photo in a more vivid way.

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An useful way to encourage teen digital reading

It seems has been a long-standing paradox that teenagers are the demographic least likely to adopt to digital reading. While they have always been stereotypically known for being the most tech savvy among us, there has been an identifiable divide between using their devices for fun and using their devices for what may be considered academics.

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Unreversed tide of digital publishing

After 10 successful and dynamic years celebrating the enormous strides that have been made by our industry, this year's AOP Digital Publishing Awards mark a new era in digital publishing, where media owners are building better digital businesses and where innovation and entrepreneurial excellence are developing new revenue streams and creating wealth across the sector and beyond.

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A new wave of PDF freeware is coming!

PDF converter and editor is quite expensive on the market, some even cost you hundreds of dollars which has been a high hurdle for those want to access to these program but can afford them. Luckily, now Page Turning Maker company delivers new powerful PDF freeware again to benefit users. The programs released this time are Free PageTurningMaker PDF Converter and Free PageTurningMaker PDF Editor.

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Design page turning shopping catalogs to improve business

Traditionally we use paper shopping catalog, but now more and more people surf the Internet, they also search shopping catalog online. So it has been a unreversed trend of digitalizing shopping catalog, and share them via Internet or send to the target customers.Page Turning for Shopping is a full-function program to help you design attractive page turning shopping cart, which enables to display your products in a vivid way to attract customers.

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New page turning way for traditional newspaper industry

Good news! Thanks to a new technology, now Shropshire Star readers can get the real story from their favourite newspaper via their computer desktop.Recently Shropshire Star announce that all editions of the UK's fifth biggest selling regional newspaper can be accessed on PCs via the latest page turning software. Readers can sign up for a subscription to the service to get the latest edition of the leading title for Shropshire and Mid Wales within minutes of publication.

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Cheer for The Athletes in 2012 London Summer Olympics Game

After four years' waiting, finally the 2012 London Olympics Game is closely coming, there are less than 24 hours left. Excitedly, this big sports event will officially take place in London, United Kingdom tonight. This night tens of thousands excellent athletes from all over the world will get together in London Bowl, the main stadium of 2012 Olympics Game, to celebrate this worldwide festival.

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Page Turning Maker software for Mac Operation System

Page Turning Maker corporation is a industry-leading page turning book creation software provider, has a profound experience in programming page turning book maker. During the initial stage, we only focused on developing page turning book software running in Microsoft Windows System, as time goes, we also tried to program page turning book application for Mac OS. And now after few years' developing, we are of capacity to produce mature software with full function.

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