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People would never forget how printed books worked

We’re not entirely sure when humans developed their appreciation for public demonstrations of artistically sprayed water, but we do love ourselves a beautiful fountain when we see one. And this Open Book fountain in Budapest is one of the most original designs we’ve ever come across.

Every few seconds a sheet of water blasts forth from the book’s spine, arcing from one side to the other and creating the illusion that an invisible force is turning the pages of this marble tome. Some futurists predict that technologies like electronic paper might lead to the eventual demise of the printed word, but we can’t imagine a Kindle-themed fountain looking as captivating as this.

Actually people would never forget how printed book worked, bacause many new techonogies have been developed to imitate the printed book in digital methods. For example, page turning Maker software enables to create e-book, e-magazine which can imitate the page turning effect and sound of printed book with 3D page turning animation.

open book fountain




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