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An useful way to encourage teen digital reading

It seems has been a long-standing paradox that teenagers are the demographic least likely to adopt to digital reading. While they have always been stereotypically known for being the most tech savvy among us, there has been an identifiable divide between using their devices for fun and using their devices for what may be considered academics.


I think many parents may have the same problem on how to avoid their children being indulged into online game, video and other digital entertainment, instead those parents want their children to pay more time on reading. Perhaps a stylish page turning book would be an useful way.


Now, Page Turning Maker, a professional page turning book software provider, is offering amazing software to help convert documents in multiple formats like Office, image, PDF, PowerPoint, ePub, DjVu into page turning book, magazine and photo album, which apply 3D flash flip effect to imitate the page turning effect of printed book. Also some programs such as Page Turning Pro for PDF enable user to insert video, image and so on to enrich the page content.


It could say that both the procedure of designing page turning book and reading page turning book are full of fun and educational. To handle such an interesting e-book, children will be attracted and eventually pay more attention on reading a book, at the same time, it also bring a lots of fun. And that is really a win-win choice.

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