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Tips for Enriching Your Website with Search Engine Friendly Flash E-publications

Posted Aug 13rd, 2012 


Are you planning to bring your web content to life? For this purpose, you might need some materials like images, video and flash etc to enrich website content, but concern about that the flash components are not friendly to search engine. Now Page Turning Maker software will provide you a best solution.


Page Turning Maker enables your 3D flash contents can be easily in indexed by search engines as new scoops. With Page Turning software, you can create flash page turn e-brochures, e-books, e-magazines, flyers etc with your existing files, including PDF, images and Office document, flash videos.

search engine friendly page turning publication


Tips for making SEO friendly flash digital publications

1. Contain fresh items in e-publications.

Original items are always the favorite of every search engines, so please make sure that the e-publication content are innovative and original. If you create digital publications from PDF files, all the words will be indexed by spiders and recognized as new update to your website.


2. Name your e-publications uniquely with keywords.

Base on practice, a successful SEO always emphasizes on webpage meta like title, description and keywords as they are important clues to tell search engine what your publication is about.


3. Don't ever ignore meta settings.

Description, which is usually showed under the webpage title in search engine results, is another essential way to tell search engines the main content of your page turn book. The short description will also let people get well knowledge of whether your page turning book is useful for them or not. Besides, with Page Turning software you are also allows to set keywords for your flash page flip book.


4. Adding clickable links are available.

With professional version of Page Turning Maker software like Page Turning Pro for PDF, users are abled to embed clickable links into publication pages. So when you distribute your flash page flipping content via Facebook, WordPress, BlogSpot or any other social website, your readers can directly enter your site by clicking the links. Also it is a ideal way to increase the external links of your site.


Are you interested in Page Turning software now? Download free trial of Page Turning Maker tool to create stunning and SEO-friendly e-publications now! Among Page Turning Maker software, some also support Mac OS, you can easily create flip book mac.




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