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Tips for making your page turning book different

Although page turning maker software has provided many beautiful templates for you to easily create page turning book in multiple styles, sometimes maybe those templates can not totally satisfy you, and you want to design page flip book by yourself.


Page turning maker is quite user-friendly, it also offer various options which enable user to define their book freely as their will. And today I will show you some tips about how to decorate your flash flip book with built-in options.


As we know, a attractive picture and melodious song do a lots of help to display our works, similarly if we can apply our favourite photo and song to book designing, that would helps much to enrich our page turning book. Fabulously Page Turning Maker software allows to change the original background with any image and to insert sound file as background music. Moreover, user also is allowed to customize button setting, change the color of bar, even modify flash effect and so on. With these practical options, you can feel free to unleash your talent of designing to decorate your unique e-book. 




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