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How to set your images in book to zoom in when clicked



A: Page Turning Professional for PDF is a professional version of e-publication (e-book, e-magazine, e-brochure) maker, turning any PDF files into wonderful page turning book with Flash page flipping animation effect and sound. What is more, it provides much page editing features for users to easily create eye-catching page flip book with multimedias, button, text, etc.

Sometimes you might need to add images to your flipbook, but the images is too small to be viewed clearly. To see these images clearly, you may need to zoom in them. And Page Turning Professional for PDF can do more for you. It allows you to set the image to zoom in when they are clicked. The operation is simple, let’ s continue to learn how to realize this.


Step 1 : Launch Page Turning Professional for PDF and import target PDF file.

Step2 : Choose “Edit Pages” icon to initiate Flip Page Editor.

Step 3 : In Page Editor, select Add Image option and draw a box for adding image on the page, then click Select an Image button on the right to select image for inserting.

Add image to page turning book


Step 4 : Click the image you added, on the right select Action Options, then in pop-up dialog select Photo Slideshow for action type, next choose Add Image in Photos Information box to add a large size of image for displaying when clicked.

zoom in image in page turning book


Step 5 : Save previous settings and return to primary screen to preview the effects. 






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