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How to change the icon color of page turning book?

Q: I have learn how to create a beautiful theme for page turning book from this site. However I failed in my first try because I found the icon color clash against the theme I wanted. Can I change the icon color by myself?


A: As we know, the suitable icon con color do a lots of help to elegant page turning book designing, if your icon does not go with the book theme, the book will be wired and unperfect. Therefore Page Turning Maker software allows user to customize the icon color and the operation is very simple as following.


Step 1 : Run Page Turning Maker software (e.g. Page Turning for PDF) and import target document for conversion.

Step 2 : In Design Setting box, search for option of Button Icon, then click Icon Color option to select one from the color list or customize one.

icon color for page turning book


Step 3 : Choose “Apply Change” button to confirm and preview your settings.





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