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Can I use mouse wheel to turn page when viewing page turning book?

Q: I really enjoy reading the Flash page flipbooks created by myself, but think of that it could be great if I can turn page by mouse wheel. Does Page Turning for PDF support this function?


A: First of all, thanks for your using of our products.

Actually not only Page Turning for PDF but also other software of Page Turning Maker allow users to turn page with the mouse wheel. Once the related function is enabled, when viewing page turning book users can roll the mouse wheel to turn pages, which is very convenient.


To set mouse wheel to turn page is easy as following steps.

Step 1 : Run Page Turning for PDF and import targeted PDF for conversion.

Step2 : In Design Setting box search for Mouse Wheel to Turn Page option, then check Yes for it.

mouse wheel to turn page for page turning book


Step 3 : Choose “Apply Change” button to confirm and apply your settings.





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