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How to make page turning book into executable file(*.exe)



A: Page Turning Maker software allows users to design their own Flash page flip e-book, e-magazine and e-booklet, then they can generate the books in four types of formats - html, exe, zip, app. Users can choose the output format by themselves based on person need so that the output page turning book can be used in online and offline.

If you want to save your Flash flipbook as executable document in exe format, please go ahead to learn how to produce executable page turning book from below tutorial.


Step 1 : Start Page Turning software.

Step 2 : Import your document and design the layout and functions of page turning book.

Step 3 : Choose “Convert to Flipping Book” button to initiate Output Option window.

Step 4 : Select *.exe for output type and define book title and output path.

Step 5 : Click Ok to save your settings and start conversion.

generate flip book to executable file





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