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Does Page Turning for Shopping support add button to page?

Q: I think it is a really good idea to turn the shopping catalog in PDF into fabulous page turning book. And I think it is awesome if I can add button to book page with Page Turning for Shopping. Does it supports this functionality?


A: I am pleased to tell you that Page Turning for Shopping enables users to add button to page with URL link to a website when designing Flash page turn PDF. Page Turning for Shopping is a wonderful Flash shopping catalog creator, capacity of converting any PDF catalog. And more advanced features like adding images, video and button to page are available by Page Turning for Shopping. Page Turning for Shopping supports add button to Flash page turn book with simple steps. and you can do it as following steps.


Step 1 : Run Page Turning for Shopping and import targeted shopping catalog(PDF).

Step 2 : Choose Edit Shopping Cart to initiate page editor.

Step 3 : In page editor window, click Add Button from Resource option, then select one from the Button Resources(or Import New Resources) and draw a box in page for inserting.

add button to page


Step 4 : Select the added button and choose Advance Action Option in Properties box to define related action. You can set it link to a website, play audio, etc when clicking button.

button link for page turning catalog


Step 5 : After finishing settings, save your work and exit page editor to preview the effect.




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