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How to set the meta information of online flip book

Q: I want to make a online version of flip book with Page Turning Pro for PDF so that it can be upload to my website. I wonder whether I can set the meta tag of flip book like title, keywords and description.


A: Page Turning Pro for PDF is professional page turning publication maker, allowing users to with ease create stylish Flash page flipping book for both online and offline use. And for the online flip book, considering SEO friendly features users are able to set the meta information of flipbook, including Title, Keywords, Description and Scripts(such as Google Analytics).

To customize the meta tag of online flip book is not difficult, you can just do as the following steps.


Step 1 : Run Page Turning Professional for PDF and import PDF file.

Step 2 : Select a template to design page turning book and decorate flip book.

Step 3 : Choose “Convert to Flipping Book” to enter output option window.

Step 4 : Select *.html for output type and enter Advanced config by clicking “Advanced” option.

Step 5 : Type in meta content in Advanced Settings window.

Step 6 : Save previous settings and confirm conversion.

how to set meta content for online flip book




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