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Can Page Turning for PDF save the project that I am building?

Q: Since I hope to design a perfect page turning book with Page Turning for PDF, which may take me a long time to accomplish. Does Page Turning for PDF support save the project building if I wanna continue the project next time?


A: Yes, Page Turning for PDF supports the functionality of saving the project for continuing next time.


As we know, making a satisfactory page turning book often can not accomplish in an action, but might spend a lots of time. Therefore it would be helpful if software can save preserve the project for use. And all of Page Turning Maker software support this function, allowing user to save the unfinished project.


To save the project, you can select the File menu in primary screen and choose “Save Project” or “Save Project As ...” from the drop down box. And then you can select “Open Project” from the File menu to open your saved project to continue your work.

save page turning book project




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