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How to purchase Page Turning Pro for PDF?

Q: I have used Page Turning Pro for PDF for several days, and it is indeed powerful and helpful. Now I want to pay for a registered version. What should I do? If I pay online, is it safe?


A: First of all thank you for your use of the product of our company.

To purchase Page Turning Pro for PDF, you can do as the following steps:

Step 1: You have to open the webpage of Page Turning Pro for PDF. There are two ways to open it, you can either input " " in web browser and link, or if you are using the trial version, you will be showed with a registration notifications when open program, then you can click "Online Purchase" button in registration notifications window to open the webpage of Page Turning Pro for PDF.


Step 2: In the webpage of Page Turning Pro for PDF, click "Buy Now" button to open the order page.


Step 3: In the order page, you have to ensure that the program is right, and you can select the money to pay with. The price and quantity will be display in the webpage also. Then select "Add to Basket".


Step 4: After 3 steps above, you will be show with an information webpage, in this webpage you are required to input your personal information and payment information. Then you will be guided to finish the rest operation.

Once your order is completed, the serial number will be sent to your email box. Then you can input the serial number in registration notifications window to accomplish registration.



Our commerce is processed via RegNow which is the ordering center for thousands of software products. RegNow provides professional E-commerce service and security for online payment so as to secure your payment. So you don't need to worry about the security for payment, your payment is guaranteed by professional security solution. It is absolutely safe to pay for your order online. More information please refer to