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How can I replace the Help information in page turning book with custom one?

Q: These days I am working to design a brochure for my company and I find your software satisfies my need well. I am wondering whether Page Turning Pro for PDF supports modify help content. I think that would be great if it supports this function.


A: Yes, not only Page Turning Professional for PDF but also other Page Turning series programs support the functionality of change Help information which show up when click Help button with custom file. A detailed Help information in a page turning e-book, e-magazine or e-brochure is very important for readers to get helpful information from e-publication maker, at the meantime, it could be a ideal advertisement to promote your business. Therefore when developing Page Turning series software, this helpful functionality is included in.

Before you learn to change the Help information, you should know that only image and swf file can be applied as help file.


Operation Steps :

Step 1 : Launch Page Turning Pro for PDF and import your PDF file.

Step 2 : Search the Design Setting box for option of "Help Config", then choose "Help Content File" option to navigate file browser to find out your custom Help file (image or swf format).

help content for page turning book


Step 3 : Click "Apply Change" button to confirm your settings.


Note : The Help content box will pop up when click Help button in book toolbar.

Help button for page turning publication




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