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How to save current settings for re-use?

Q: I have spend much time design my own page turning book with Page Turning for PDF, and I want to apply those settings again next time. Is there any way to realize this?


A: To facilitate the users, Page Turning for PDF (Pro) allows user to save the current settings for recycle use, and it is simple to realize this. You can follow the next steps to save your setting:


Step 1: Using Page Turning for PDF (Pro) to design your page turning book.

Step 2: Under the Design Setting tab, click "Save the template setting" button, then select a storage path to store your current settings(the setting is saved as *.txt format).

page turn


If you to use your saved settings again, you can choose "Import flash template setting" and navigate to find the saved setting(*.txt). Then choose open to confirm importing.  

page turn



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