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Can Page Turning for Image only convert images to page turning book?

Q: Hello! I hear that Page Turning for Image is a versatile converter, isn't? Except for converting to page turning book, can it convert images to other formats such as PDF?


A: Dear friend, it is my pleasure to answer your question.

First of all, Page Turning for Image is an utility program, written mainly for turning any image documents to stunning page turning book. Software enables users to design unique page turning book with their own pictures. However, Page Turning for Image is not only a page turning book converter for image, but also PDF converter and TIFF converter for image. That means, with Page Turning for Image, you can also convert images to either PDF document or multiple-page TIFF document.

It only takes you a few steps to convert your images as below:


Step 1: Run Page Turning for Image and import the images needed to be converted.

Step 2: Choose output type from provided options.

image to PDF


NOTE: If you select to turning into page turning book, then you will be present a Flipping Book designing window where you can design your page flip book based on your preference.


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