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How to embed page turning book into webpage?

Q: Hello, I run a website about online education, I am interested in your page turning book software because I want to turn some documents into page turning books and embed them into webpage. Can your software realize this for me and how to realize this?


A: Page Turning Maker software is advanced documents in all types to page turning book converter, which is able to turn any documents into digital page turning publications in both online and offline versin. For online version, user can not only upload to website, but also embed into webpage to display. To embed produced page turning book into webpage is not difficult, below is the simple tutorial to show how to make it.


Step 1 : Load your produced page turning book to your host (website). About this step please refer to previous FAQ of "How to load the produced page turning book to website?"


Step 2 : Firstly look at the codes below:

embed into webpage

This piece of code is used to write into the webpage where you want to insert page turning book. The codes can build a area in webpage to show inserted book.


Step 3 : Edit your webpage, and publish it. Then you can view your page turning book embedded into your webpage.





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