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Can Page Turning for PDF burn produced page turning book to CD?

Q: I heard Page Turning for PDF can convert PDF to page turning book, I wonder whether it support burn produced e-book to CD because I prefer to store with CD.


A: Page Turning for PDF is versatile PDF to Flash page flip conversion software, it enables users to easily design and create page turning e-publication. Also it supports output produced document in multiple types, including html, exe, zip, even burning to CD. As we know, CD is a effective way to preserve digital data, because it is not only easy to carry around also convenient for share. Page Turning for PDF can directly burn page turning book to CD, and it takes you mere several steps to accomplish.


First of all, you need to prepare an empty CD.

Step 1 : Launch Page Turning for PDF and import your PDF.

Step 2 : Design your page turning book, then click “Convert to Flipping Book” button to initiate Output Option window.

Step 3 : Select proper CD driver from check box and input Disc title.

Step 4 : Select “Convert” button to start converting and auto-burning to CD.

Burn to CD -Page Turning Maker



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