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How to download generated page turning book online?

Q: I have a question about Page Turning for PDF, I want to post my page turning book to my own website, but how can I enable others to download it via Internet?


A: Page Turning for PDF not only converts PDF files to page turning books, but also provides multiple practical functionalities, such as share produced digital book via Internet (other Page Turning Maker software supports this function too ). After you upload your page turning book to website, it can enable other to download online. It is not complicated to realize this, you can just follow the steps below:


Step 1 : Launch Page Turning for PDF and import target PDF.

Step 2 : In the design settings dialog, find out "Download Setting", then choose "Download Enable" option as Yes and input certain URL into "Download URL" box (Ensure Download URL is the same domain as the flipbook uploaded URL).

download page turning book


Step 3 : Click "Apply Change" button to confirm change and convert page turning book as *.html document.

Step 4 : Upload produced e-book, when view it online, it can be simply download by clicking Download button in toolbar of book.






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